Monday, May 5, 2014

Green clean!

It's finally spring! Well, days here are still a bit on the chilly side, but we're getting there. I can even see the chives and violets starting to grow! So spring cleaning begins. I had been thinking about posting about greener cleaning, and then low and behold Gwyneth Paltrow beat me to it? Even so, I was glad to see this article.
 I also picked up a copy of the April issue of Martha Stewart Living, which has an in depth article on how to clean your home. It specifically covers each part of a room for windows, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. I was surprised that they advised almost entirely all natural ways to clean with most being white vinegar and warm water. White vinegar, and/or baking soda will clean most anything. If you can't stand the smell of vinegar, or even just like yummy smelling products this article gives you the lowdown on it. I am normally very sensitive to the vinegar smell, but I don't mind it so much (just make sure the space has plenty of ventilation). An open window keeps the house from smelling too much like a jar of pickles, or bag of salt and vinegar chips. Or skip the article, and go to 
and see which products were given good grades. 
To simplify my home, cleaning routine, and to avoid toxins I will only be using baking soda, vinegar, and Dr. Bronners. Dr. Bronners is an amazing all natural soap that has been around for ages! I found this handy article on dilution ratios.
Enlist a small helper, and take advantage of this teaching opportunity. A cleaner earth, and responsibility!
And speaking of natural products your beauty regimen may need an overhaul to. I have a couple of natural beauty items for sale at my etsy store.

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